High Performance System: unsquashable developed a new program of high performance rackets, by selecting and combining the best materials with innovative racket technologies.



Anti Vibe Handle

An integrated PU absorber reduces vibrations and
increases the playing comfort.

Carbon 4 / Kevlar

Carbon 4 is the outcome of extensive research in the aerospace industry. It is stiffer and stronger than the ordinary graphite fibers. It increases the power of the racket especially in combination with woven Zytex. 

Mega Power Zone

Eight larger then usual grommet holes each right and left of the inside frame make the “Mega Power Zone“. These larger holes allow the strings to swing more freely and create a high rebound effect in the sweet spot area.


Rackets with the U-profile have longer than usual cross strings making the strings more elastic and the swings stronger.

Double String Power

The double string pattern potentiates the playing features of rackets with yoke (control) and rackets without yoke (power and speed), simultaneously distinguishing the racket by an outstanding damping effect.